Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Firsgt band rehearsal in YEARS !!!

I had totally forgotten just how fun it is to sing with a band. Although I don't miss the band when Florian Sitzmann is accompanying me on the piano, there is truly something extra to enjoy when Kosho plays guitar and Mario Garrucio drums.
I have a wonderful next-door neighbor who likes nothing better (or so she says!) than to have me/us rehearse at her house. If she had it her way (or so she says) we would be there every week rehearsing something!
Yesterday she opened up her beautiful living room to these rough and tumble musicians and their miles and miles of cables and equipment. I'm pretty sure she did not know what she was getting herself into. Nevertheless, she spent a good part of the 8+ hours that we rehearsed lying on the floor seemingly enjoying it all. She even cooked a big pot of gulasch soup for us! Neighbors do not come any better than that, folks!
I'm not used to singing for 8 hours. Even though I know how to sing, it is tough for anyone to sing for that many hours at a time. Today, I don't feel like even talking. Gotta rest up for our first concert together on Saturday.
ERF and Gerth medien put on a little contest to promote my new album "Was Uns Bleibt". Anyone who wanted to come to an exklusive "I-can-count-your-tooth-fillings" concert had to write which song of mine has meant a lot to them. The ladies at Gerth medien forwarded me the many many emails that they received so that I could share in the joy.
It was very humbling to realize that these people, who have been such loyal fans for so many years, will come on Saturday to hear their favorite songs!
We will do our very best not to disappoint them.......

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  1. dear cae, i was looking for the playback-cd of petrographs in the web, but can not find it. i thought there was such a disk available?....i would like to have it for private purpose. i would very much like to train my voice with it. Can you help me somehow? would be so great! - lea


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